Features and Benefits

Bullet®: The Encapsulated, Timed-Release Premix for maize and sorghum.

Bullet® is a timed-release, premix of three outstanding maize herbicides that controls 36 of your toughest grasses and broadleaf weeds in maize, when it is most important for maximum yields, before they emerge. Bullet encapsulates its weed-stopping power inside millions of small, medium and large capsules. The result is proven crop safety early on and outstanding control later in the season. It works equally well in clean-till or no-till conditions.

Hardy grasses such as Crab finger grass (Digitaria sanguinalis), Sweet buffalo grass (Panicum schinzii), Garden grass (Urochloa brachyura), and Herringbone grass (Urochloa panicoides) as well as broad leaves such as Mexican Marigold (Tagetes minuta), Mielie crotolaria (Crotelaria sphaerocarpa ), and early germinating Thorn apple (Datura spp. ) are controlled by Bullet.

The Effect of Uncontrolled Weeds

  • In the case of weeds with strongly developed root systems six weeds per maize plant can lead to a yield loss of up to 40%.

  • Weeds not only compete with the crop for available light, moisture and nutrients, some weeds also discharge allelopathic (poisonous) substances which inhibit the growth of the maize plant.

  • Approximately 70% of the moisture and nutrient requirements of maize plants are absorbed within the top 50cm of soil. If there is any competition in the first six weeks post emergence a serious yield loss will occur.

Application Information

  • For optimal weed control Bullet must be applied within 3 days of the last cultivation followed by 10-15mm of rain within 10 days of application.

  • Bullet may be used for a complete ground cover application as well as a strip application. Dosage rates should be adjusted accordingly.

  • Post emergence: broad leaf weeds should be smaller than the 4-leaf stage. If weeds have reached this stage, application should follow after a shallow cultivation.

  • Cultivation after application could reduce efficacy since untreated soil is brought to the surface.

  • Bullet in a tank mix with Guardian S® as per label instruction will provide improved control of Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentes).

  • A follow up spray with A-maizing® will control Atrazine resistant weeds.


  • Follow the label instructions meticulously to ensure safe usage and optimal control.

  • Ensure that the spray equipment is clean and accurately calibrated.

  • Strictly adhere to the dosage according to the clay content as stipulated in the label.

  • To prevent damage to follow-up crops the waiting periods as stipulated in the label must be heeded.