Features and Benefits

Harness® is specifically designed for early-season weed control. Early-season weed competition inflicts the highest yield loss potential to maize, but Harness helps prevent this from happening. Maximum maize yield potential is protected. Use of Harness also allows even greater flexibility for making over-the-top applications of Roundup® herbicides.

HARNESS is a reliable and versatile residual, herbicide for:

  • Excellent pre-emergence control of grass and certain broadleaf weeds in maize, groundnuts, cotton, eucalyptus and pine plantations; and

  • Post emergence weed control in sorghum and plant and ratoon sugarcane.

  • The active ingredient (acetochlor) binds tightly to the soil particles and stays in the germinating zone of the weeds.

  • Even after heavy downpours, Harness still provides lengthy control.

  • In dry weather Harness remains unsurpassed as an herbicide. Where most other herbicides require 12 to 15 mm of rain to be activated, Harness requires as little as 7 to 10 mm.

  • Harness provides 12 weeks control which could be extended to 20 weeks in combination with other products according to label recommendations.

Weed Control

  • Harness controls some of the most important grasses, including Crab finger grass (Digitaria sanguinalis), Goose grass (Eleusine indica), Herringbone grass (Urochloa panicoides), and Buffalo grass (Panicum spp.).

  • Harness also controls broadleaf weeds, such as Pigweed (Amaranthus spp.), Wandering jew (Commelina benghalensis), early germinating Thorn apple (Datura spp.), Wild gooseberry (Physalis angelata) and Mexican Marigold (Tagetes minuta). (Please consult the label for the complete list).

  • The control of Yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentes) is variable and requires the higher dosage on the label, a deep cultivation followed by immediate application and 12 mm of rain or irrigation within 7-10 days of spraying. .

Application Information

  • For optimal weed control Harness must be applied within 3 days of the last cultivation followed by 10-15mm of rain within 10 days of application.

  • Cultivation after application could reduce efficacy since untreated soil is brought to the surface.

  • For application information and dosages applicable to the different registered crops, please refer to the Harness label.


  • Follow the label instructions meticulously to ensure safe usage and optimal control in the registered crops.

  • Ensure that the spray equipment is clean and accurately calibrated.

  • Strictly adhere to the dosage according to the clay content as stipulated in the label. Do not apply to poorly drained soils, or to sandy soils which are susceptible to wind erosion.

  • Before using Harness in combination with other herbicides or chemicals, read all the labels and adhere strictly to label recommendations and the mixing instructions on the Harness label.

  • Tank mixtures must be sprayed out immediately and not allowed to stand over night.