Features and Benefits

A wettable granule herbicide for the selective post emergence control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in wheat. Its strength is in controlling all five species of Brome, plus Couch and Rye-grasses. It also controls a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including Cleavers.
Key Benefits

  • Improves wheat performance
  • Maintains grain yield and quality
  • Improves harvest efficiency by reducing lodging
  • Breaks the cycle of weed seed return

Application Information

  • A preplant spray of Roundup® at recommended rates control emerged weeds and volunteer cereals are advisable prior to planting wheat.

  • Monitor™ 75 WG is a selective foliar applied herbicide which inhibits the formation of amino acids that are essential for cell division. Symptoms and subsequent weed death may develop gradually. Susceptible weeds will not compete with the crop once sprayed and before death.

  • A surfactant such as Agral90, Bladwet 9 or Citowett surfactant must be added at the rate of 0.25% to the spray water before adding the Monitor 75 WG.

  • The spray solution must be sprayed immediately after mixing.

  • Do not allow the spray mixture to stand overnight.

  • Cold, dry conditions may reduce efficacy or retard weed control.

  • Do not spray plants suffering from frost damage or any other stress.

  • Do not mix Monitor 75 WG with fertilizer nor spray Monitor 75 WG within 1 week before or after fertilization.

  • Variable weed control and/ or re-growth may occur when Monitor 75 WG is sprayed under the one or more of the following conditions:

    • on light sandy soils;
    • on stony soil surfaces;
    • on soils with a low pH;
    • where follow up rain after application stays away;
    • where there is a low wheat plant population;
    • onto dew covered leaves leading to run-off.