Biotech Traits

Bollgard Cotton

Monsanto’s Bollgard® II cotton has revolutionized cotton growing. Using modern biotechnology, Monsanto moved a specific gene into cotton plants so that plants were able to produce their own specific bollworm controlling protein. Incorporating this trait into popular cotton varieties we were able to give cotton varieties with all the leading agronomic traits plus the added benefits of built-in bollworm control.

Bollgard protects against most leaf and boll-feeding worm pests, including bollworms, budworms, armyworms and loppers, as well as cotton leaf perforators, enabling growers to reduce or even eliminate sprays for worms.

Bollgard technology provides growers with a new tool to assist them maintaining economical and environmentally sustainable cotton production. It provides built-in protection against bollworm thus greatly reducing the need for insecticide use. Growing Bollgard® means farmers have a better protected crop which translates to overall yield increases and better quality fibre.

Farmers in South Africa and Burkina Faso plant cotton with our Bollgard trait. In South Africa, Bollgard has been planted for over a decade, its popularity has grown to the point that it now makes up over 90 percent of the total area under cotton. Here, farmers have a choice of planting cotton with the Bollgard® trait on its own or combining it with the Roundup Ready® trait all in the same seed. This stacking of traits gives the crop insect resistance as well as herbicide resistance.