Biotech Traits

Monsanto is at the forefront of plant biotechnology. We are a global leader in biotech crop research, development and deployment. In Africa, our commercially available biotech crops provide agronomic advantages such as pest resistance and herbicide tolerance. Monsanto’s Bollgard® cotton gives the plant built-in protection against bollworm, while YieldGard® maize protects the plant from stalk borers. Herbicide tolerance found in our Roundup Ready® cotton, maize, and soybeans frees farmers from mechanical weeding therefore saving on time and other resources. Monsanto’s technology also permits the combination of these traits into a single crop plant. In this way, it is possible to have varieties which are both herbicide and insect resistant.

In Africa, South Africa and Burkina Faso have commercialised our biotech crops. South Africa grows Monsanto’s Bollgard® cotton and Yieldgard® maize, Roundup Ready® soybeans, Roundup Ready® cotton and Roundup Ready® maize as well as stacked-gene cotton. Burkina Faso recently began planting Bollgard® cotton. In Kenya and Uganda, our Bollgard® cotton trait is being tested by the relevant government agencies with the hope that it will be commercialised some time in the near future.