Biotech Traits

YieldGard Maize

With Monsanto’s advanced biotechnology, Yieldgard™, season-long stalk borer protection is incorporated into the maize plant. YieldGard Bt maize technology works throughout the plant, from the stalk to the leaves, sheath and ears.

For any grower, the bottom line is yield. The better you can protect your crop against yield-robbing insects, the bigger the payoff.

With Yieldgard farmers can make their maize production more profitable, with healthier plants and higher yields than ever before.

When maize is protected from maize stalk borers, more vital nutrients and water are available to produce higher yields. That’s vitally important in years of adverse weather, such as the frequent semi-drought conditions in many parts of Africa.

In Africa Yieldgard is available in the South African market. Besides the original Yieldgard which has a single insect-control gene added, Monsanto offers maize farmers the ability to control weeds and pests with a single seed through a process known as “trait stacking.”